The results are in for Bellas Surf Promo with Rockstar Traffic and Leader Exchange.

After drawing from the Hat here are the Winners.


Accounts have been updated.

1st Place Winner of  $5.00 + 200/500/500

judyb10        Judith Barnett

2nd place winner of 1 month Top Upgrade

Andy85        Andy Szebenyi
3rd place winner of $2 + 100/250/250

darran65    Darran Oneil

4th place winners of $1 + 100/100/100

octav46        Octav Alexandrerscu
seanjennings2010    Sean Jennings


5th place winners of 100/500/500

voorstor    Mariya Frugier
shelayne    Shelayne Fico
lonelywolf      Stefan Zhang

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